This tutorial will guide you through the simple IPTV setup instructions for modern game consoles.


If you are using a xbox one there are a couple of apps that you can use for viewing IPTV:

Client Area
Select Game Console
MyIPTV Player Screen Shot
IPTV+ ScreenShot
MyIPTV Player
MyIPTV Player (in-app purchases)
IPTV (with ads)
IPTV+ (£4.19 no ads)

We can not speak for the quality of these app’s but it has been reported to us that these work fine with our service using m3u playlist url.

If you do not want advertisements and don’t want to pay for one of the apps above or you are using a PS4/WiiU etc..

It is possible with the latest version of the streaming software that we licence to view and pause live IPTV and view movies from our VOD selection using just your inbuilt web browser, We pay extra licencing costs in order to make this available to you.

Simply select Game Console as you preferred viewing device at checkout and we will supply you with your client area address, You can then use your IPTV username/password to login and view straight away.

This can be used with the majority or gaming/pc browsers.